About Kronenwetter and the Surrounding Area

Kronenwetter, surrounded by woods, lakes, river and hills, is located in the southern Wausau Metropolitan Area of Marathon County. Sharing more than just the Wisconsin River, seven communities have combined their individual resources and personalities to evolve into a vibrant, thriving community. The metro area offers a wide range of activities and opportunities for residents and visitors alike.
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The Village of Kronenwetter was incorporated under general law and, under a Wisconsin constitutional amendment, has “home rule” powers to determine its own local affairs. The Village President presides over the seven-member Board of Trustees and votes as an ex officio trustee.  Village trustees and the President are elected for two-year terms in spring non-partisan elections.
The Village staff consists of Department Heads: Administrator, Village Clerk, Police Chief, Finance Director/Treasurer, Director of Public Works, Community Development Director and Volunteer Fire Chief and the Administrative Support Staff: Administrative Assistant, Water Utility Clerk, Account Clerk and Planning Technician.
The Village Board has appointed a number of commissions and committees that it deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the Village.  These include:  Police & Fire Commission, Plan Commission, Redevelopment Authority, Board of Review, Board of Appeals, Administrative Policy Committee, Properties & Infrastructure Committee, and Community Life & Public Safety Committee.  The appointed membership of these committees and commissions consists of both elected and non-elected officials.  On a temporary, as-needed basis, the Board may appoint special committees and sub-committees to meet limited, specific needs.
The Village utilizes a number of professional service organizations to support its financial, engineering, legal, and assessment needs.
Demographics & Housing

The population of Kronenwetter has grown from 5,369 in 2000 to now approximately 7,536 (as of 1/1/16).  This population increase makes Kronenwetter the fastest growing community in Central Wisconsin. The average sale price of a home in Kronenwetter during 2012 was $141,000. Several new neighborhoods have grown up in the last several years and the village has been able to provide a full range of services to those newly-developed areas.

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