Village of Kronenwetter
Community Development Department


Phone: (715) 693-4200 ext.113

The Community Development Department is compromised of four divisions within the Village: Community Events, Economic Development, Planning and Zoning.  All of these divisions work together to help maintain the high quality of life Village residents enjoy, as well as seeking to plan for future growth.

Community Events Division

Community Events are important part to any community.  When you have an emotional investment in the community which you live you are more likely to care about, and in turn invest your time and efforts in improving the community. This reduces crime, pollution and ethnic disparities because its members know and care about each other.  The Village of Kronenwetter is committed to continuing to help grow the community into a vibrant place to work, live and recreate.  The Village will continue to organize events to help facilitate this goal.

Economic Development Division

The Village Board has prioritized economic development as the top goal for the Village the past several years.  The Economic Development Department works with new business prospects to attract them to the Village and find an ideal site and with existing businesses to ensure their operation will continue to grow and expand in an ever changing market.

Planning Division

The Planning Department works with citizens and community leaders to build a consensus on how the Village should grow, both in the short and long term. This is accomplished through the coordination of a variety of land planning functions that range from creating the Comprehensive Plan in 2009 for the future of the Village, creating roadway master plans, and reviewing all new development proposals to ensure they reflect this vision.

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Zoning Division

The Zoning Department promotes the orderly and harmonious use of land while improving the quality of life for current and future generations of the community.  The department is administered in a manner designed to fulfill the objectives of the Village's Comprehensive Plan.  Staff within the department provide assistance to applicants in the processing of permits, provide assistance in applying ordinances and provide citizens the opportunity to participate in land use decisions.

The Community Development Department also assists with the operations of the Building Inspection Department and the Parks & Recreation Department.