Village of Kronenwetter
Planning Department

Community Development Director: RANDY FIFRICK
Phone: 715-693-4200, ext.113

The Planning Department works with citizens and community leaders to build a consensus on how the Village should grow, both in the short and long term. This is accomplished through the coordination of a variety of land planning functions that range from creating the Comprehensive Plan in 2009 for the future of the Village, creating roadway master plans, and reviewing all new development proposals to ensure they reflect this vision.

Village Plans

Village of Kronenwetter Comprehensive Plan
2013-2018 Outdoor Recreation Plan
Strategic Economic Development & Marketing Plan
Maple Ridge Economic Development Plan

Helpful Documents

Village of Kronenwetter Subdivision Preliminary Plat Application
Village of Kronenwetter Zoning Map
Village of Kronenwetter Zoning Ordinance
Village of Kronenwetter Future Land Use Plan
National Flood Insurance Program Presentation

Marathon County Uniform Addressing

The Marathon County Public Safety Committee along with the Marathon County Conservation, Planning, and Zoning (CPZ) Department staff have been working toward the implementation of a new countywide uniform addressing implementation for over a year.  Last summer, the Village of Kronenwetter Village Board voted in favor of participating along with several other incorporated Marathon County municipalities in the countywide uniform addressing project.

Each participating municipality is being asked to rename a number of their roadways to develop unique names. Marathon County has asked the Village of Kronenwetter to develop new road names for around forty roadways within the Village.  An important facet of the uniform addressing project is eliminating duplicate road names in Marathon County. 

If you have a road name suggestion for one of the roadways being renamed, please contact Randy Fifrick, Community Development Director at 715-693-4200 or send an email to  The Village hopes to host an informational meeting on the project in the coming months as details on implementation become clearer. 

The Marathon County Public Safety Committee has established a plan that envisions implementation of Uniform Addressing in the 2018 calendar year.  In the meantime, a lot of work needs to be completed.

A uniform addressing system will become the cornerstone of the County’s 911 system. The County Board decision was based on public safety: Get the right emergency response at the right location at the right time.  Marathon County established a County Addressing Implementation Team (CAIT) to guide and facilitate public engagement with government, community business and industry leaders, emergency management agencies, and citizens in an advisory capacity to develop the County Addressing Implementation Plan.

Marathon County’s current addressing system was built in the 1980s and was structured on multiple address grids with the assumption that all calls to the Sheriff’s dispatch center would come from landline phones. In 1999, when Marathon County became the centralized emergency communication center, staff became aware of street naming and numbering inconsistencies.

Contact Preston Vande Voort, Marathon County Addressing Coordinator with any questions regarding the countywide uniform addressing project at 715-261-6048 or

General information on the project can be found at:

Proposed Kronenwetter Road Name Changes:
Kronenwetter Road Names

Current Reserved Road Names in Marathon County: