Kronenwetter Park System

Gooding Park

2200 Old Highway 51 (MAP)
Gooding Park Flyer

Friendship Park

2350 Sunny Meadow Drive (MAP)
Friendship Park Flyer
Dog Bark Park

Municipal Center Park

1582 Kronenwetter Drive (MAP)
Municipal Center Park Flyer

Norm Plaza Memorial Park

1077 Russell Street (MAP)
Norm Plaza Memorial Park Flyer
Norm Plaza 9

Towering Pines Park

2355 Tower Road (MAP)
Towering Pines Park Flyer
Towering Pines

Seville Park

2200 Glendalen Road (MAP)
Seville Park Flyer

Sunset Park

2390 Terrebonne Drive (MAP)
Sunset Park Flyer

Kronenwetter Forestry Unit

4420 East State Highway 153 (MAP)

This 5,000 acre unit has excellent hiking and equestrian trails, as well as a good portion is designated as snowmobile trails in the winter. The terrain fluctuates between fairly flat in the southern area, to gently rolling in the north. The forest has a nice mixture of oak, hardwoods, aspen and some pine plantations. Wildlife abound with deer, bear, grouse, woodcock, beaver and a host of songbirds.
LINK: Kronenwetter Forestry Unit Map
Marathon County Forest

Leather Camp Forestry Unit

4445 East State Highway 153 (MAP)

This 5,000 acre forest unit is the county designated Ruffed Grouse Management Area. This unit is specifically managed to provide excellent grouse and woodcock habitat and consequently receives substantial hunting pressure in the fall. This provides good hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. This unit is attached to the Kronenwetter Forest Unit on the north end.
LINK: Leather Camp Forestry Unit Map