Kronenwetter Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Services

Kronenwetter is an Authorized Partner for the DMV

The Kronenwetter Police Department has been appointed an electronic agent of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Division of Motor Vehicles. This appointment allows the department to process most of the motor vehicle title, registration and renewal transactions that are available at DMV offices. This includes replacement titles, the issuance of license plates, transferring of registrations and registration renewals. This new service is a great asset to the community, as it allows people to come to the local police department to take ocare of these issues withou the hassle of waiting in long lines at the Rib Mountain DMV location.

The department has available for immediate issue regular automobile plates, light truck plates, and motorcycle plates. The service they offer will also speed the issuance of special plates including Farm, Dual Purpose Farm, University of Wisconsin, Ducks Unlimited, Endangered Resource, Celebrate Children, and Dual Purpose Vehicle plates. Titles will continue to be printed by the DMV in Madison. The new electronic service will greatly accelerate the delivery of titles to customers.  The typical turn around time for customers to receive a title with the new service will be seven to ten days. Customers will be charged a service fee that pays for the software as well as department personnel time.

Online DMV Services


  1. Change your home address
  2. Is your driver's license valid
  3. Financial Responsibility Status
  4. Occupational License Eligibility
  5. License Reinstatement Eligibility
  6. Schedule a Road Test 


  1. License Plate Lookup
  2. Renew your license plate
  3. Where is my title?