Home Security


Although the image to the left is what most people think of when they think "burglar", you would be suprised what your average burglar may look like. Burglars are very adaptable people, who can change what they look like and how they dress for each and every burglary. Most people think that all burglaries happen at night, but many occur right in broad daylight....and sometimes when you are in the home without you even knowing it.

"Burglary" is generally a non-confrontational property crime that occurs when you are not home.

The Kronenwetter Police Department takes pride in the fact that our community is safe.

In order to better assist the community, we have provided a few tips below to better secure your home from home intrusion:

Home Inventory

A very important part of home security is documenting your personal property. It is very useful to document serial numbers, purchase cost and date, etc. This will help if your property is stolen, in reporting it to insurance and law enforcement. It is extremely helpful to law enforcement to have serial numbers to help search for your stolen property. You can also create your own numbering system and apply what is called an "owner applied number" which can be even more helpful when reporting items stolen. A common numbering system for OAN's is your initials and then a #.

The police department has a property engraving tool which we will lend out to residents to use to mark their property. We have also created a home inventory form to help you document your property.

Home Inventory Form (2010.02.15)


Hide The Keys: When you keep your car in the driveway or garage, don't leave them unlocked. Also, even if in a locked garage don't keep your keys in the car or in the open. If someone is able to just break through the first line of defense in the home, don't make it easy for them to steal your car as well. Keep your keys in a lockbox if possible.

Also even when your vehicle is locked, be sure to keep valuable items missing. When people see an iPOD sitting in console, or GPS mounted to window, they are tempted to break in the vehicle. When they look into a vehicle and see nothing, it is not worth the risk for them to break in.

Alarm Systems

Install It: Your first line of defense is letting the burglars know you have a defense. Installing an alarm system is pretty common these days and depending on the company and package, affordable. If your residence does have a burglar alarm, post a sign in the yard and stickers on your windows and doors letting people know that the house has an alarm.
Use It: It is not uncommon for people to leave their alarm disengaged for various reasons such as accidental trips from animals or other reasons. The alarm is nothing unless it is armed. The Village of Kronenwetter currently does not have a false alarms ordinance, and therefore you will not be billed if you have an accidental trip. Also, let the Kronenwetter Police Department know that your home is alarmed. Even while you are in the house, arm the perimeter and you can turn off the motion sensors.

Doors & Windows

Lock 'em: Remember, when you aren't home or even when you are home keep your doors locked. Remember to close windows when you leave your house, and lock them. Many people think "that window/door is too high...a burglar cannot reach it." That simply isn't the case....if they don't have a ladder they will find one. Keep your home secure, otherwise you are basically welcoming them in. If your doors to the outside do not have deadbolts, consider installing them.

Garage Door: Most people are sensible enough when they have left their home to shut the garage door, but what about when you are at home? Initially, consider the fact what you store in your garage and how easy and quick it would be for someone to run in and grab something without you every noticing. Also, many people keep their doors leading from the garage into the home unlocked. Also, when you go to bed at night shut the garage door; even if you are locking the door from the garage to the home. Reason being, you are providing a would be intruder lots of cover in the darkness of your garage to work on breaking in your door, breaking into your car, or just stealing items from your garage in general.

Lights & Landscaping

Illumination: Another very important part of home security is motion detection lighting. Don't forget to put up motion detection lighting on all sides of your home. This will light up anyone in hopes of hiding in the dark. Also, trim all hedges and bushes in hopes of preventing a shrub or bush for someone to hide behind or under. Also consider adding some prickly bushes or other thorny bushes near windows which will make it difficult for people to get near them without getting some pain.

Trim The Hedges: Also, trim all hedges and bushes in hopes of preventing a shrub or bush for someone to hide behind or under. Also consider adding some prickly bushes or other thorny bushes near windows which will make it difficult for people to get near them without getting some pain.

Clean Your Yard: Make sure to pick up any items from the yard that might assist a would be burglar from getting into your home, and lock them up somewhere such as the garage or shed. Think of ladders lying around and how easy someone could use it. Think of rocks laying around or other hard objects people could use to break a window. Keep the items they can use to a minimum.

The Inside Of The House

Lock Up Important Items: Any important items should be kept in a safe, and the safe should be bolted to the floor. Most burglars wont waste the time trying to brake into a safe in the house, but will just take the whole thing. Any jewelry, priceless items, important documents, etc. should be locked up. Remember, an extremely fast growing crime is identity theft. If you have papers laying around with your name, date of birth, social security #, etc. you will make it very easy for anyone to steal your identity.

Document Possessions: Take any items that have serial #'s on them, photograph them and document them. You may also think about putting an "owner applied number" or O.A.N. on the item and document them.

Back  Up Your Computer: The household computer holds tons of important information about a person, contains photographs you may never get back, and in some cases work information that could either be lost forever or use against your clients. Make sure to back up your computer regularly, and secure the backup disk in a safe location.

Your Neighborhood

Know The Neighbors: Remember, neighbors are a burglars worst nightmare. Your neighbors generally get to know you, your family, your habits, your schedule and your home. If you get to know your neighbors, they will better be able to assist if they see something out of the ordinanary. And if you are the neighbor, if anything looks out of order report it. Let us know, and we will check into it.

Remember, these are just suggestions. Take some time and research ideas for better securing your home from potential burglars.