Municipal Warrants

The Kronenwetter Municipal Court issues municipal warrants for persons who have failed to pay fines/forfeitures through the court and fail to make arrangements with the court for payment arrangements.

If you are the person shown in our warrant records you have three options for removal of the warrant: Pay the bond in full and conclude your case OR  pay a portion of bond determined by Judge and be assigned a new court date OR be arrested and transported to the jail where you will receive a $50/day credit.

If you believe your fines are paid and the warrant shown is a mistake please contact our office immediately at 715-693-4215. Failure to comply within one month of the warrant being published will result in the warrant with photo being published on social media websites.

Law enforcement must verify all warrants with the Kronenwetter Police Department. If you have any information about the whereabouts of the person shown on a warrant please contact our office at 715-693-4215, Marathon County Dispatch at 715-261-1200 or you can e-mail us at



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