Village of Kronenwetter Request For Development Proposals

The current Village-owned property, 1050 Kronenwetter Drive, Lot 60 of the Timber Creek Crossing Subdivision, was purchased in August 2015 through a Sheriffs Sale.  The property is located within the Village’s second Tax Increment District in the southwest portion of the Village. The lot was originally created as part of the Timber Creek Subdivision to provide for a condominium development. Infrastructure was installed for the future construction of approximately 32 condominium units prior to the Village acquiring this land.

Lot 60 is approximately 21.2 acres in size, however the buildable portion is approximately 14.35 acres. A portion of the property contains wetlands along the east side and wetlands along Bull Junior Creek to the north. Infrastructure is already present on the property. Project infrastructure was installed with the plan of future condominiums on site. The Village installed the road system and water and sewer infrastructure. As-built plans of the sanitary sewer and watermain construction can be found HERE.

The Village is looking for a proposal for a multi-family residential use project on this property. The Village is in the process of rezoning the property to Multi-Family (MF), which allows for apartments, duplexes, townhouses, two family residences, and single family residences. The property has frontage on Kronenwetter Drive with easy access to Interstate 39 from Maple Ridge Road.

All proposals are due August 1st, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

Request for Proposals - Kronenwetter Lot 60